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If you are looking for saving dollar amount and have your computer network running 7x24 , you are at the right place.

Here is ANS, we understand the requirement of our customer.

Advanced Networking Systems is the perfect solution for medium or small companies who find themselves in need of help, but don't have room to add another employee.

ANS is your Network Computer Solutions! The company was founded in 1993 with the idea that computers and networking don't have to be hard, confusing or expensive. The company has proven itself on keeping solutions to the customers needs simple and efficient.

The Enterprise Network has always been a group of loosely joined computing resources from the time of the Mainframe to the migration to Local Area Network based systems and now Internet related resources via VPN. The recent move to Client-Server systems has seen an awakening in incorporating existing legacy systems across the new Enterprise network. Many businesses have, or soon will, outgrow their present information technology systems. Should your existing environment not support your growth and business goals, ANS can help incorporate your existing assets into your present infrastructure in the most cost effective way.

What we at ANS have realized is that when a system is broken, it needs repair NOW! It is not something that you can afford to ship out and wait to be returned. Talk to us about our off-site support. Give your in-house computer staff some relief by letting ANS assist them. We are committed to rapid response for our customers. ANS wants to see you up and running. Together, we can make this happen.

Everyone deserves an experienced, professional system admin, but not everyone can give the space, or salary, to get one. ANS knows this and offers its expertise and services. ANS is here to give you that help without the headache. For long-term contract work or the occasional project, ANS is your solution. We are happy to discuss your needs and how we may be able to assist you. Contact Us


ANS offers a variety of hardware and networking solutions. Our services are as varied as our customers, from computers and servers sales to complete network installation and configuration. ANS serves a variety of industries as well. Call today with your needs and chances are we can help you.

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ANS is accessible, dependable cost effective plus goes beyond call of duty...

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ANS quotes Prompt, Courteous and Professional service for past 12 Years. Always friendly...

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Without the assistance of Mr. Sheikh who has always been professional, responsible and...

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